Robert Mayer

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Author of These Highly-Acclaimed Books

How To Win Any Argument Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool, Or Coming To Blows
(Career Press, 2005). Published in English, Korean, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian, and Thai.
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How to Win Any Negotiation Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool or Coming to Blows
(Career Press, October, 2006). Published in English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Polish.
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Power Plays: How to Negotiate, Persuade, and Finesse Your Way to Success in Any Situation
(Times Business/Random House, 1996). A primary selection of the Executive Book Club. Published in English, German (print and audio) & Chinese.

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Education & Experience

  • University of California at Berkeley (B.S. Business)
  • Boalt Hall School of Law ( now renamed Berkeley Law), University of California (J.D)
  • Mayer & Glassman Law Corporation (1971-2011)

Here's a Little of What's Been Said About Robert Mayer:

  • Sunday New York Times
    "Mayer...(has) intriguing ways to break a deadlock or come up with hard figures acceptable to both sides...It's martial. It's mental judo. Where you use the other guy's energy to win. It's charisma."

  • CNN's Larry King
    "Bob Mayer is a lawyer's lawyer."

  • Robert Hudecek, Retired President/CEO
    Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Co.

    "A tender and effective approach to tough problems.

  • Richard Freedman, Retired CEO Pottery Barn Inc. stores
    "Bob Mayer tells you what to say and how to say it."

  • Kathleen Kelley Reardon, USC Marshall School Professor
    "Mayer is, in fact, a master of persuasion strategy."

  • Academy Award winning actor, Cuba Gooding, Jr.
    Bob Mayer knows "how to finesse the results you want without pleading, prodding, pushing or pulling."

  • Rob Kautz, former President & CEO, Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc.
    "A persuasion pro."

  • Success Magazine:
    "...Strategies that will connect you more persuasively and effectively with customers, employees, even competitors."

  • Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, University of Southern California:
    "...(Mayer's) strategy of influence and the secret of getting what you want in a non-coercive, non-manipulative way."

  • David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash:
    "...No magic elixirs or mumbo jumbo: just straight-talking, easy-to-understand, easy-to-remember, and easy- to-use principles of persuasion and negotiation secrets I've seen in action when Bob Mayer has successfully negotiated for me."

  • Herald Newspapers:
    A "straightforward, no-nonsense style."

  • Nolan Bushnell, "Father of the Video Game Industry"
    "Robert Mayer is a world-class negotiator."

  • Chicago Tribune
    "Mayer's to plan several moves ahead, making offers and counteroffers which will naturally lead to the other person's propensity to accepted your precalculated compromise proposal."

Lecturer/Workshops Presented:

  • "How to be a Mediator" Workshop, sole presenter. National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts, "NACVA"
  • UCLA Extension
  • Tulane University Law School
  • Tulane University Graduate Business School
  • Pepperdine Law School
  • USC Graduate School of Business
  • State of California Employment Development Department Managers
  • County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Commission on Human Relations
  • Master of Negotiation Class -- Dubai, UAE

Professional recognition:

  • Best Lawyers in America — Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Judge, 2008 American Bar Association National Law School Negotiation Finals Competition
  • Certificate: 25 years of Martindale Hubble AV "Preeminent" rating
  • Los Angeles County Superior Court Panel of Mediators
  • American Arbitration Association Panel of Mediators
  • Admitted to U.S. Supreme Court Bar
  • MSNBC, "Your Business" interview
  • CNN interview
  • CNN-FN ("In the Game" — interviewed by Marvin Kalb)
  • Fox national news interview
  • ABC national television (interviewed by John Kasich)
  • New York Today interview
  • Appearance on more than 165 othe radio and television programs including:
    • CNN
    • CNN-FN ("In the Game" — interviewed by Marvin Kalb)
    • National Cable TV
    • Microsoft On Line ("Watercooler Show")
    • National Public Radio ("Marty Nemko Careertalk")
    • National Public Radio ("A Good Book to Live In" Show)
    • KMPS-FM Radio — Seattle WA ("Introspect")
    • KIRO-TV — Seattle (News)
    • KPIX Radio — San Francisco ("Anything you say")
    • KFRC Radio — San Francisco ("Cammy Blackstone Show")
    • KSFO Radio — San Francisco ("Savage Nation")
    • KCAL-TV — Los Angeles (News)
    • WEWS-TV — Cleveland OH ("Morning Exchange")
    • WDOK Radio — Cleveland OH ("Morning Show")
    • WWWE Radio — Cleveland OH ("Jeff and Flash")
    • WAKC TV — Akron ("Your News")
    • WJBK TV — Detroit area ("Eyewitness Morning")
    • WYST Radio — Ohio
    • WJR Radio — Detroit ("Focus with Paul W. Smith")
    • WNK Radio — Detroit MI
    • Success Radio — National radio
    • WNYC Radio — New York ("New York Beat")
    • WOR Radio — New York ("Rambling with Gambling")
    • Connecticut Cablevision ("The Exchange")
    • WNBC-TV — New York ("Weekend Today in N.Y.")
    • National Radio Syndication ("Something You Should Know")
    • KST Radio — Sacramento CA("Enid Goldstein Show")
    • KALW Radio — San Francisco CA ("Career Talk")
    • KTLA-TV — Los Angeles CA(News)
    • KPFK Radio — Los Angeles ("Let's talk about it")
    • KCUE Radio — St. Paul MN("Feature Focus")
    • KQWC Radio — Iowa
    • WSD Radio — Illinois ("Book Club Show")
    • Syndicated New England Radio ("Bob Coffee's Coffee Break")
    • WTIC — Connecticut and SE New England ("Ray Dunaway Show")
    • SLFK Radio — Tampa and Orlando FA
    • WSPD Radio — Toledo and Southeast Michigan ("Anderson and Company")
    • Super Radio — Boston MA + 6 satellite markets ("John and Judy Show")
    • KDKA Radio — 35 states
    • Money Radio — Los Angeles area
    • WBRK Radio — Western Massachusetts, So. Vermont ("Dan Valent's Open Mike")
    • KCKC Radio — Southern California ("Bill Anthony Show")
    • Lansing MI ("Tim Baron Show")
    • Keys Radio — Corpus Christi TX("Money Magazine Show")
    • KWNG — Minnesota (Westwood One Syndicated Show "Feature Focus")
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    • XM Satellite Radio-Jan Summers host
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